A leak on a mains supply pipe may run undetected for some time. It may only be discovered when you get a large water bill, damage to your property or a depression in the ground. Damp and boggy areas in your garden or salts showing on the brickwork below the DPC level can also indicate a leaking mains pipe.

Inside your property a leak to the cold or hot water pipes may cause a damp patch, an audible sound, constant running of the water meter or the header tank continually filling.  Traditionally these leaks would be found by destructive means, starting at an area based on an educated guess and progressing along the line of the pipes.  This could mean extensive and costly repairs along with major upheaval in your home.  Our modern methods accurately locate the source of the leak, causing the minimum destruction and damage.

We are proud to provide our leak detection services on a “NO FIND : NO FEE” basis (see our terms and conditions page).  In addition most household insurance policies offer cover for leak detection under “Trace and Access”  Please check your policy for details, you may not even have to pay for our services.  We have many year experiences of working with insurance companies and can provide full photographic reports for insurers or loss adjusters if required.

The Leak Team use the latest methods and equipment to offer a full Trace and Access service. This means that we both locate the source of the leak, and where appropriate, expose the pipework to allow a repair to be undertaken.

We do not necessarily carry out the repair ourselves, but can discuss the next course of action with your plumber.